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What better time than that Easter to visit the beautiful Amalfi coast? Far from the noise and summer heat, spoiled by a mild climate and with the scent of flowering trees you can stroll quiet among the beautiful landscapes of the Amalfi coast and enjoy full every nuance of our territory. On a warm spring day, the bravest may even decide to take a dip in the still cold waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the not yet crowded beaches you can spend a peaceful day of relaxation or for those who prefer the mountains to the sea you can “get lost” by walking in the nature of the many trails or you can simply let yourself be carried in small coastal villages and stroll through narrow streets and alleys and admire every corner, every house and every peculiarity that surrounds you. Many events, especially a religious background, await you during the period of Easter, such as: the evocative Via Crucis in wonderful Ravello, where people in costumes, impersonate the Passion of Christ by reproducing the most important scenes that led to his death and His resurrection. In the beautiful Atrani, there is  the procession of Holy Thursday where the hooded men walk through the dark alleys of the village that  are illuminated only by the glow of torches. Then they arrive in the square of the small village, where is situated the ancient church of San Salvatore de Birecto, from whose steps we see the statue of the dead Christ which is then taken in procession up to to the Cathedral of St. Andrew in nearby Amalfi.
On Holy Friday, however, in the magnificent Amalfi, from the imposing staircase of the Duomo it starts the procession with the statue of the dead Christ followed by that of the Sorrowful Virgin, accompanied by poignant songs written by the native Antonio Tirabassi, who represent the best and leave to perceive the deep sorrow of the Virgin crying her only child. Really unique scenery await you on the Amalfi Coast!

Photo by Emiliano Russo




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