The idea of ​​creating an hospitality site as a Bed & Breakfast, was “buzzing” in the head of Lello and his family since a long time.

The opportunity was given by the ruins of the old house of the grandparents, located in the sunny Vettica di Amalfi, which allows to experience the Amalfi Coast at 360° degrees; the location, really near to Amalfi and all the relevant tourist routes, is able to provide a comfortable spot for relax and quite.

During the restructuring of the house, Lello has given great focus to all the materials of the local territory, as stone, slate and  wood, in the great tradition of the Amalfi coast craftsmans, of which Lello is noble representative.

Each room floor is made of  fine, high-quality hand made, terracotta of Rufoli di Ogliara, and many of the accessories which are decorating the house, have been made ​​by Lello himself.

Lello and his family are strongly convinced that, in the current tourism market scenario, is no longer sufficient to rely just on the beauty of the locations, but it is necessary to provide the customers with a full range of services which are going to improve their experience and instill a lasting impression in their minds.

Lello manages this activity with his family and all the guests of the B&B are threated as part of it.